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What is Deferred Adjudication?

Published: Oct 24, 2017 in Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges in Texas, it is important to know that you have a variety of legal options. One option is to negotiate a plea bargain, agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for an acceptable punishment….

Looting After Hurricane Harvey

Published: Oct 03, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Along with any natural disaster comes the fear of looting – people stealing products from stores during and right after the emergency. Panic arose during Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on August 25 as a Category 4 hurricane with…

Should I Plead Guilty or Accept a Plea Bargain?

Published: Sep 29, 2017 in Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re probably asking yourself, “should I plead guilty?” It’s likely that the prosecutor has offered you a plea bargain, and they’re pressuring you to accept it. A plea bargain is a contract…