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What to Do After a DWI Arrest in Texas

Published: Mar 17, 2017 in DUI

Facing a DWI charge in Texas can be very frightening and considerably stressful. If you have never experienced an alcohol-related offense before, then you probably don’t know the best way to handle the situation. Without help from a Houston DWI attorney who is both knowledgeable about Texas law and experienced in DWI defense, you are likely to miss crucial deadlines or make serious mistakes. Both of these issues increase the chance of being found guilty of a DWI and sentenced to the maximum punishment under the law. Don’t handicap yourself,…

Felony DWI Charges are Common in Houston

Published: Feb 03, 2017 in DUI

Being charged with driving while intoxicated is always a serious issue. At least if it is your first DWI offense, you are usually charged with a misdemeanor. Though it is tough to get through, a misdemeanor is considered less serious than a felony and once you have completed your sentence, including probation and your license suspension, you can often pick up where you left off. However, it is possible for a Texas DWI to be charged as a felony. In fact, it turns out that DWIs are regularly charged as…

Head Injuries May Affect a Field Sobriety Tests

Published: Jan 18, 2017 in Criminal Defense, DUI

When a police officer suspects that a driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may attempt to administer a number of field sobriety tests. These tests assess a driver’s motor skills; whether they can walk properly, speak properly, etc. While these tests are often good indicators of whether or not a driver is intoxicated, their results can be misleading. If a driver has suffered a serious head injury, for example, it may be difficult for them to complete the tests. This might lead to an officer…

Probation for a Texas DWI

Published: Sep 05, 2016 in Criminal Defense, DUI

When you’ve been charged with a DWI, you might imagine the worst possible consequences. Your fear may have you picturing a long jail sentence and being released only to have your driver’s license suspended. Houston DWI defense lawyer Ned Barnett can help if you’ve been arrested for or charged with a DWI in Texas. Call him today at (713) 222-6767. While Texas DWI law allows for harsh punishments for first and subsequent offenses, it is also possible to minimize the consequences of a DWI conviction. Probation can be an alternative…

Texas Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch

Published: Jul 11, 2016 in Criminal Defense, DUI

In June 2013, Ethan Couch killed four people and injured nine others by drinking and illegally driving on a restricted license. The 16-year-old was indicted for intoxication, manslaughter, and recklessly driving under the influence. The case made national headlines when Couch’s lawyer used a unique defense that led the judge to give what many described as too light of a sentence. Couch was sentenced to 10 years of probation in the juvenile court system and therapy at an in-patient facility. The attorney argued that the teen suffered from “affluenza,” a…