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Sex Crimes

Which States Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

Published: Dec 13, 2017 in Sex Crimes

State laws do not generally give minors the ability to consent to sexual acts, and you can be found guilty of statutory rape if you are found to have had a sexual relationship with a minor. However, many states have a Romeo and Juliet law in effect. This law can come into play in a statutory rape case, and it may keep you out of prison if you have been accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor. If you have been accused of having a sexual relationship with…

What Is Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor?

Published: Dec 08, 2017 in Sex Crimes

Pandering and obscenity laws are meant to target the enablers of sex crimes. There are many type of instances that can result in someone being charged with a pandering obscenity crime, and these cases can result in large fines and long prison sentences. Sex crimes involving children are considered to be especially serious, and if you have been arrested for something that includes pandering obscenity involving a minor, you will need an experienced defense attorney. The Law Offices of Ned Barnett has spent years defending clients against serious sex crimes,…

How to Handle False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse

Published: Dec 04, 2017 in Sex Crimes

False accusations of Child Sex Abuse can overwhelm anyone and turn your life upside down. If you are facing false accusations of child abuse, you can lose your job, your reputation, and your freedom. Texas law seeks to protect children by establishing and enforcing strict punishments for those who are convicted of child sex abuse, and therefore it is essential that you quickly seek an experienced defense attorney if you have been falsely accused of sexually abusing a child. Attorney Ned Barnett is an experienced Houston child sex abuse lawyer…

Sexual Assaults Increase After Hurricane Harvey

Published: Oct 31, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Sexual assault is very often perpetrated by family members, romantic partners, and acquaintances. However, this form of violence is also committed by strangers, particularly during and after natural disasters. In all of its forms, sexual assault can be a crime of opportunity. During an emergency when individuals have been thrown from their routines and law enforcement is focused on evacuation, offenders may take advantage of the situation and sexually assault someone. A rise in sexual violence appears to have been an issue following Hurricane Katrina, and is once again of…

New Law Targets Teachers Who Fail to Report Inappropriate Relationships with Students

Published: Oct 10, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The number of inappropriate sexual relationships between students and teachers has increased within Texas in recent years. In 2016, the Texas Education Agency opened 222 investigations into these inappropriate relationships. Frustrated with battling this criminal conduct, Texas legislators decided to take a decisive step. Senate Bill 7, which was signed into law in May of 2017, states that educators who fail to speak up about any inappropriate relationship they are aware of are subject to criminal charges. Teachers, principals, superintendents, and other educational professionals who are accused of misconduct or…