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Sex Crimes

When Juveniles are Charged with Sex Crimes

Published: Apr 04, 2018 in Juvenile Crimes, Sex Crimes

Like adults, children can get into legal trouble, but their case progress through a different system than adult offenders. Individuals become a juvenile at the age of 10, and become an adult at the age of 17 under Texas law, and when they are suspected of wrongdoing, they pass through the juvenile court system. One of the most important differences is that children are not found guilty in court. Instead, juveniles charged with sex crimes can be adjudicated as delinquent. If your child is currently facing sex crime charges, call…

What the #MeToo Movement is Doing to the Rights of the Accused

Published: Mar 29, 2018 in Sex Crimes

The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have become social phenomena. Women and men of all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries are sharing stories of when they were sexually victimized. They are raising awareness of a wide range of conduct. Toxic workplace cultures that enable sexual harassment, or employers that brush sexual harassment under the rug, are also targeted in #MeToo stories. In the wake of so many stories from men and women across the country, it is important to take a critical look at how a social media-based movement is…

Can Sex Crimes Be Expunged?

Published: Mar 22, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Expungement destroys your criminal record and makes it like an offense never happened. Expunging your record makes it easier to obtain an education, a professional license, and job. You no longer have to declare an unfortunate incident on a job, rental, or loan application. In general, it can help you move forward in life. However, expungement is not available in all situations. Eligibility is limited, particularly if you were convicted of a sex crime. To discuss expungement, call a Houston sex crimes lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned Barnett…

Is Intoxication a Defense to Sex Crimes?

Published: Mar 15, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Alcohol or drugs are often a factor in sex crime cases. No matter your age, you may make poor decisions while intoxicated. You may blame the amount of alcohol you drank or drugs you consumed for why you did something you regret. This may lead you, after being accused of committing a sexual offense, to wonder if you can use intoxication as a defense in court. Is it a defense to indecent exposure that you had taken ecstasy an hour before? Is being drunk a defense to rape? The answers…

What Happens When Children are Accused of Sex Crimes?

Published: Mar 08, 2018 in Sex Crimes

If your son or daughter has been accused of committing a sex offense in Texas, you need to call an attorney experienced with juvenile cases right away. Whether the offense is typically a misdemeanor or felony, you must take it seriously. Your child will need legal protection and guidance throughout this process. The outcome of this situation may significantly impact your family and your child’s future. If your child is facing charges for a sexual offense in Texas, contact a Houston sex crimes lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned…