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Houston Sex Crimes Arrests Are on the Rise

Published: Jun 22, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The number of sex crimes reported, and the number of arrests related to these crimes, have been increasing in Houston since the beginning of 2018. Being accused of any crime, especially on every aspect of your life. A dedicated sexual assault lawyer can help you avoid the fear and mistrust these allegations can cause. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, an experienced Houston sexual assault lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned Barnett can ensure that you are informed and protected throughout the legal process.

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What You Need to Know About Sex Crimes in Houston

According to the Houston Patch, police have made more than 150 arrests for sexual offenses in the Houston area in the last six months. The category of “sexual offense” is fairly broad, and can encompass several specific acts:

Consent plays an important role when talking about sex crimes. In a sexual situation, consent was not given simply because the word “no” was not said. Texas law says consent was not provided if the person in question:

  • Was pressured into submitting to a sexual act by means of physical force
  • Was compelled to submit to a sexual act by means of a threat that could reasonably be carried out
  • Had not yet given consent, and was unconscious or otherwise unable to resist a sexual act
  • Had a known mental disease or defect that caused them to be unable to resist or understand a sexual act
  • Had not consented yet, and was unaware that a sexual act was occurring
  • Had been intentionally given any substance that decreases their ability to control the situation
  • Was coerced into a sexual act by another person in a position of power

An extremely knowledgeable Houston sexual assault lawyer from our firm can answer any further questions you may have concerning issues of consent. Contact The Law Offices of Ned Barnett today if you or a loved one are facing charges stemming from issues surrounding consent.

Sexual Assault
Section 22.011 of the Texas Penal Code defines sexual assault as knowingly or intentionally causing another person’s sexual organ to penetrate or be penetrated without the consent of everyone involved. Additionally, it is considered sexual assault if a person causes the sex organ of a child to penetrate or be penetrated. When a child is involved, Texas law calls any sexual contact sexual assault. It does not matter whether or not the age of the child is known by the accused at the time of the act. It also does not matter whether the sexual contact with the child was, by definition, consensual. Under Texas law, any sexual contact with child of less than 17 years of age is considered sexual assault.

According to a recent report compiled by the Houston Patch, the Houston Police Department arrested 33 men and one woman in April alone for crimes relating to prostitution. Prostitution is commonly defined as the trading of sexual favors for money, but the crime can include other acts. The recent police crackdown also included arrests for attempting to solicit a prostitute, as well as compelling others to engage in prostitution. Anyone who attempts to exchange money for sexual favors or compels another person to do the same can be considered liable for crimes related to prostitution.

Sex Trafficking
Sex trafficking relates to buying and selling sexual services. Sex trafficking is different from prostitution, however, in that it is not simply paying for or selling these services. Sex trafficking describes the use of fraud, force, threat, or other manipulation to get someone to exchange sexual favors for money. In addition to compelling the favors themselves, sex trafficking can also refer to the harboring of those who have engaged in such manipulations. Soliciting or patronizing can also lead to liability for sex trafficking.

Have You Been Accused of a Sex Crime? Call a Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer for Help Today

As reported by the Houston Patch, over 150 people have been arrested in the Houston area for crimes relating to either prostitution or sex trafficking since the beginning of 2018. While the definitions of these crimes may seem straightforward, their scope can include a broad range of actions. If you’re in the Houston area, contact a Houston sexual assault lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned Barnett today.

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