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How to Handle False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse

Published: Dec 04, 2017 in Sex Crimes

False accusations of Child Sex Abuse can overwhelm anyone and turn your life upside down. If you are facing false accusations of child abuse, you can lose your job, your reputation, and your freedom. Texas law seeks to protect children by establishing and enforcing strict punishments for those who are convicted of child sex abuse, and therefore it is essential that you quickly seek an experienced defense attorney if you have been falsely accused of sexually abusing a child.

Attorney Ned Barnett is an experienced Houston child sex abuse lawyer who understands how Texas law will be applied to your case, and how your charges can be defeated. To speak with a skilled defense lawyer with over 25 years of experience, call our office today at (713) 222-6767.

When You First Find Out That You Are Being Falsely Accused of Child Sex Abuse

False accusations of child sex abuse can cause terrible stress, confusion, and anger. Sometimes people will seek to confront their accuser in order to clear up any possible misunderstanding and resolve the issue from the start. Generally this is not advisable, and it can only result in more conflict. Much of this depends on your relationship to the accuser. What we would recommend you do when you are falsely accused of child abuse would be:

  • Keep your cool and control your temper.
  • Contact your attorney as soon as possible.
  • Remove yourself from your accuser or the situation that resulted in this false allegation.
  • Do not give up or become passive about your situation and your defense.

Why Would Someone Falsely Accuse You Of Child Abuse?

While preparing your defense, your lawyer will want to know about your accuser and your relationship with this person in order to better understand how you found yourself facing false accusations child sex abuse. However, you’ll be contemplating this from the first moment that you discover that you have been accused of abusing a child. Possible accusers, and the reasoning behind their claim, may include:

  • The Child- A child who is the victim of abuse elsewhere may be confused, and falsely accuse you. In other cases, the child is not abused by anyone, but is unclear about your relationship, and the situation is misunderstood as abuse.
  • The Parents- The parents of a child may have misunderstood something and then go on to falsely accuse you of sexually abusing their child. Additionally, there are many cases in which people falsely accuse others of abusing their child in order to hide their own transgressions, or as retaliation against you for some other perceived wrongdoing.
  • Your Spouse or Partner- Your former significant other may be accusing you of child sex abuse in order to gain leverage over you in a legal or personal dispute that you may be having or during a divorce.
  • A Co-worker or Employee- False accusations of child abuse have been known to come from coworkers or employees in order to harm others for issues that originated in the workplace.

Note And Analyze Every Detail

False accusations of child sex abuse begin to fall apart as more information is brought to light. If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, it’s important to write down every detail about the situation that you can recall. You and your attorney can review your entire case, and important information that can help you includes:

  • A detailed timeline of events and your relationship with the parties involved. Write down, and share with your attorney, everything that occurred in the time leading up to your false accusation.
  • Make a list of everyone involved in your false accusation, and everyone who can back up your side of the story along with those who will vouch for your character in general.

Are You Facing False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse?

No matter how difficult and overwhelming your situation may seem, it’s important to keep calm and seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. False accusations of child sex abuse occur all too often, but these claims can fall apart when they are closely analyzed by skilled attorneys. Attorney Ned Barnett understands what people go through when they are falsely accused of serious crimes, and he has years of experience helping clients stay out of jail and clear their name.

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