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Resources for Those Dealing with Sex Crime Accusations

Published: Aug 04, 2017 in Sex Crimes

If you or a loved one has been falsely accused of a sex crime, there are ways to obtain help in your situation. Below is a list of organizations, advocacy groups, and resources for those who have been falsely accused, in need of support, or want to get involved. Although the main purpose of some of these organizations may be focused on victims, many of these groups also reach out to those who are falsely accused to offer aid through resources and information.

  1. Save Our Sons

    Save Our Sons is an organization that seeks to provide resources to young men who have been falsely accused of sex crimes, especially on college campuses. The organization fights to preserve young men’s college dreams and for them to not be inhibited by a false accusations.

  2. Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE)

    SAVE is a resource for those wrongly accused of domestic violence. The organization has ongoing media efforts, which further draw attention to the problem of domestic violence and policy reforms.

  3. Innocence Project

    Innocence Project serves to exonerate those falsely accused and reform criminal policy. They work to raise awareness of the problems faced by those who are falsely accused and convicted of crimes. They can help get those who are falsely accused in contact with other organizations.

  4. National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL)

    NARSOL helps to provide holistic healing for those wrongfully accused. In addition, NARSOL supports legislation dealing with reforming criminal justice laws and advocates for victims’ rights.

  5. National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVC)

    The NSVC helps give resources, support, and leadership to those wrongly accused of sexual violence. They focus on developing resources that eliminate actual sexual violence instead of punishing those who have been falsely accused.

  6. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

    SASH advocates the promotion of sexual health. The organization addresses what can happen because of wrongful sexual behavior and seeks to provide alternatives to help those dealing with wrongful sexual tendencies.

  7. Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ASCOL)

    ASCOL strives to protect the civil rights of citizens under the Constitution and supports legislation in favor of protecting those wrongfully accused. The organization offers resources and information to those who have faced wrongful accusation or illegal treatment by authorities.

  8. National Coalition for Men (NCFM)

    The NCFM fights to remove the problematic gender-based stereotypes for young boys and men. The organization raises awareness that not only women are inhibited by society, but men are too. The NCFM supports men who choose to break from society’s typical standards.

  9. Ethical Treatment for All Youth

    The organization strives to protect and advocate children who are wrongfully blamed of violating sex laws. They focus on supporting individuals who are accused of violating laws without intent or when all elements of the crime do not exist in the facts of the case.

  10. Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE)

    FACE supports families whose sons have been inaccurately accused of sexual assault on college campuses. Through their extensive list of attorneys and experience, FACE can advise families on the next steps for overcoming the situation.

  11. Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM)

    CSOM supports state and local governments in their sex offender management programs. The organization also creates training for sex offenders across the United States.

  12. Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)

    ATSA works to prevent sexual abuse in communities through their research, education, and resources. They promote sound research instead of the distribution of statistics that are inaccurate. They also support informed policy and comprehensive prevention of sexual abuse.

  13. Internet Behavior Consulting Company (IBC)

    IBC works with those who suffer from cybersex and other Internet addictions. The organization offers research and resources to help those who suffer from internet addictions.

  14. The Kempe Foundation

    The Kempe Foundation serves abused and neglected children on multiple levels. Through clinical care, advocacy, research, and education, the foundation helps and cares for children in need. Children who have been falsely accused may seek help from The Kempe Foundation.

  15. Sexual Assault Rights and Resources

    This organization educates the wrongfully accused of their rights before and during the trial process, while providing resources to help support those going through a wrongful conviction.

  16. Fathers For Equal Rights (FER)

    FER seeks to help fathers, children, and families receive equality when it comes to raising children. FER can help guide men through the legal process if they have been wrongfully accused and offer educational services on how to face everyday issues of being a father.

  17. Survivors for Justice (SFJ)

    SFJ strives to provide a safe space for survivors of wrongful sexual accusations. The organization provides education and support for individuals.

  18. Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE)

    SAFE is a human rights organization that provides domestic abuse relief to each individual, especially those who are often overlooked by the criminal justice system such as the elderly, teenagers, heterosexual men, and others.

  19. Child Welfare Information Gateway

    The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides resources for adults who have been falsely accused of sexual assault by children and the proper course of action to take. They focus on providing resources and information to those who have been falsely accused.

  20. Once Fallen

    Once Fallen is a leading resource internet page for those who have been wrongfully convicted or who seek to reform strict sex offender laws. They focus on providing accurate information to the public and offering help to those who have been wrongfully accused of a sex crime.

  21. Family Support Line

    The Family Support Line supports those who have been a victim of false accusations of child abuse. They provide services such as prevention training, treatment, and advocacy.

  22. Family Arrested

    Family Arrested is a blog seeking to connect families who suffer from a loved one undergoing false accusations. They promote accurate information and provide resources to those with loved ones going through the criminal justice process.

  23. Sex Offender Help

    This website helps sex offenders on their recovery. They provide a safe space, support, and resources for both sex offenders and those wrongfully convicted of sex crimes.

  24. The Arc

    The Arc advocates for those who have been falsely accused with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They offer support and services such as employment and leisure programs.

  25. Women Against Registry (WAR)

    Women who are wrongfully registered as sex offenders are often denied housing and jobs to support their families. WAR believes in the removal of the registry in order to provide an equal opportunity for women to raise their children.

  26. Prison Fellowship

    Prison Fellowship supports the convicted and the families of those convicted by giving them hope. Prison Fellowship gives love and understanding to those falsely accused and their families.

  27. S-ANON International Family Groups

    S-ANON helps to provide comfort to families whose loved one have been convicted. Through their meetings and programs, they help people navigate their situation and receive support.

  28. False Rape is a site dedicated to the awareness and fact that false accusations of rape are is an unfortunate reality and provides a source of community for those in this situation.

  29. Truth in Justice

    Truth in Justice is an education organization seeking to open the conversation about the U.S. criminal justice system and the conviction of the wrongfully convicted.

  30. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)

    The main goal of SAA is to help those who are addicted to sex stop their behavior and recover from their addiction. During SAA meetings, men and women share their experiences and help others find freedom from their addictive sexual behavior.

    SAA promotes the Twelve Steps to Recovery, which can help sex addicts find new purpose in their lives. SAA meetings are held throughout the Houston area at locations such as Havens Center, and Bering Memorial United Methodist Church. Telemeetings are available as well.

  31. Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)

    SA was designed for men and women who want to become sexually sober. Members support one another and learn various strategies to help control and enjoy sex, rather than being obsessed or consumed by it. SA holds regular meetings in Woodlands, Texas as well as through email.

  32. Virtuous Pedophiles

    Sexual attraction to minors is not a choice or a crime. If you experience inappropriate sexual attraction and have not acted on them, you can find community and support at Virtuous Pedophiles. This organization is supported by many professionals within the medical community and organizations that work with those accused of sex crimes and those who have been sexually victimized. By emailing, you can join the online community. Obtaining peer support in addition to seeking counseling can help you avoid offending.

  33. Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP)

    By contacting ASAP, you can receive referrals to mental health professionals specifically experienced in treating pedophilia and helping you avoid committing a crime.

  34. Stop It Now

    Stop It Now is an organization focused on preventing sexual abuse of children. This organization offers information and numerous resources if you are concerned about your sexual attractions and thoughts.

  35. The Safer Society Foundation

    Safer Society provides a database of mental health professionals who work with minors with sexual behavior problems, adults with inappropriate sexual attractions, and sexual abusers. They have an extensive list of clinicians throughout Texas, including several in Houston.

  36. The Prevention Project

    If you have been accused of a non-contact sex offense, or you wish to prevent committing a crime related to your inappropriate sexual attractions, The Prevention Project may be able to help. This is a group of experienced clinicians who may be able to offer you an appropriate treatment program or connect you with treatment options.

  37. National Association for the Dually Diagnosed (NADD)

    NADD may be able to help if a loved one, who has developmental disabilities and mental health needs, has been accused of committing a sex crime. Through NADD, you may find specialized treatment and rehabilitation services (STARS) in Texas.

  38. The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD

    If your loved one has intellectual and developmental disabilities and has been accused of committing a sex crime in Texas, contacting The Harris Center may enable you to get your loved one appropriate treatment. The center offers a crisis helpline you and your loved one may use in times of distress. Additionally. The center offers assessments and treatment for those involved in the Harris County criminal justice system.

  39. Thurgood Marshall School of Law Innocence Project (TMSLIP)

    This project is offered by the Earl Carl Institute at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. If you have been wrongly convicted of a sex crime in Texas, this project may be able to offer you pro bono legal services.

  40. Fathers 4 Equal Rights

    Fathers 4 Equal Rights is a program of the America Family Law Center. They have locations throughout Texas, including in Houston. If the other parent of your children accused you of a sex offense, this organization may be able to connect you with resources to fight these accusations in criminal and family courts.

  41. Fathers For Equal Rights – National Fathers’ Resource Center

    Fathers for Equal Rights has locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. This is a highly active non-profit in the United States. As a father accused of a sexual crime involving your children or other minors, this organization might be able to connect you with helpful resources.

  42. Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program (HVLP)

    HVLP offers pro bono services if you are a low-income resident of Harris County. It is a part of the Houston Bar Association. If you have been accused of a sex offense that is impacting a custody dispute, HVLP can connect you with a family law attorney. They do not offer criminal defense services.

  43. Lone Star Legal Aid

    If you have been accused of a sex crime, you may be facing child custody issues. If you cannot afford to hire a family law attorney, Lone Star Legal Aid may be able to help.

  44. Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

    This organization is a part of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It focuses on research, educating practitioners, and preventing abuse. Through the center’s website, you may find many other resources.

  45. Texas Voices for Reason and Justice

    The purpose of Texas Voices is to provide information and awareness regarding how ineffective and punitive the public sex offender list is. The organization also offers support groups for adults throughout Texas. The Texas Voices Support Group in Houston is on the third Tuesday of each month.