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Can You Get Fired for Being Accused of a Sex Crime?

Published: Sep 04, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

A sex crime accusation can jeopardize every aspect of your life. Even if it doesn’t lead to a conviction, sex offense allegations can damage your reputation, your relationships, and your livelihood.

Many people ask us, “can I be fired if I’m accused of a sex crime?” But no single answer applies.

What always holds true is that you can decrease the likelihood of losing your job if you fight the case and retain an experienced Houston sex crimes attorney as soon as you learn of the allegations. By working with a lawyer early, you can reduce the damage to your career by possibly avoiding charges altogether or securing a dismissal that clears the matter up once and for all.

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When Can Sex Crime Accusation Result in Termination?

Every sex crime case is unique. However, an employer’s decision to fire you will depend on:

The Alleged Conduct

Not all sex crimes carry the same stigma. If you get charged with indecent exposure because you were relieving yourself in public, the damage to your reputation will likely be less than if you were accused of sexual assault.

The seriousness of the alleged conduct will greatly influence an employer’s decision to maintain your job after the allegations surface.

When the Alleged Conduct Happened

Employers often learn of sex crime accusations long after the fact. Generally, the more time that elapsed since the alleged conduct, the better your chances of keeping your job. But some crimes, like sexual assault, can follow you for life and always put your career in jeopardy.

Where the Alleged Conduct Occurred

If the accusations against you are credible and allegedly occurred at your place of employment, the termination could definitely result. This is because your conduct likely violated your employer’s policy.

Even if you are innocent, the environment may become so toxic that you’re forced to leave of your own.

Whether You Were Prosecuted

If the accusations against you result in criminal charges, you have the opportunity to clear your name and keep your job. But if you get convicted, this may give your employer sufficient reason to terminate your employment.

Your Profession

Background checks are mandatory for many jobs, from delivery drivers to plumbers and teachers. So if you commit an offense that would have made you ineligible for hire, it’s likely your employer will terminate you. Finally, if you or your company has a significant public profile, the accusations might hurt the business. if this is the case, your employer may seek to part ways to protect their interests.

Disclosing Sexual Alletations to Your Employer

Generally, employers cannot fire you simply because a criminal accusation is made against you. Instead, they must show that your conduct demonstrated unfitness for the position, violated your employment agreement, or otherwise impacted the business.

However, you can get fired for sexual misconduct that occurs in your workplace even if you never get charged. Unlike in a criminal court, your employer does not need evidence that establishes your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. When it comes to terminating your employment, your employer may only need credible evidence that you sexually harassed a co-worker to justify their decision.

A Houston Sex Crime Lawyer Can Help

Whether it involves sexual assault or false allegations of child pornograpghy, when you are accused of a sex crime, clearing your name is essential to avoing all of the devestating effects.

Don’t face your sex crime accusations alone. A lawyer can assess your case, review the evidence, and advise you on how to best deal with the situation. As an experienced and highly successful sex crime defense attorney, Ned Barnett is ready to help protect you, your freedom, and your career.

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