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Should You Take a Polygraph? Lie Detector Tests in Texas Sex Crime Investigations

Should You Take a Polygraph? Lie Detector Tests in Texas Sex Crimes

Published: Apr 30, 2024 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Few tools in the criminal justice system are as controversial and misunderstood as the polygraph test. Commonly referred to as a “lie detector,” the polygraph is frequently employed in high-stakes sex crime investigations across Texas. Despite their widespread use, the results of these tests are not generally admissible in court. Yet, they can significantly influence an investigation. Here, we’ll delve into the role of polygraph tests in Texas sex crime investigations, exploring their applications, legal status, and the decisions that accused individuals must face. Polygraph Tests in Texas With decades…

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The Effect of ‘Cancel Culture’ on Texas Sex Crime Charges

Published: Feb 29, 2024 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

It’s no surprise that public opinion wields a lot of power. As we’ve seen over the past few years, this power has manifested into a popular term, “cancel culture.” But when cancel culture is used irresponsibly, people can suffer. It’s important to understand the ramifications of cancel culture on individuals who have been accused, but not convicted, of sexual misconduct and sexual offenses. Here, we’ll explore how determining the focus of popular opinion can go wrong and highlight genuine concerns about how cancel culture affects those accused (sometimes falsely) of…

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Beating the Case: How to Get Charges Dropped or Dismissed in Houston

Published: Jan 26, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Being arrested is scary, and dealing with criminal charges in Texas is serious. But just because you were charged with a crime does not guarantee you’ll be convicted. Police frequently make arrests based on the evidence at the time and their judgment. But both can be wrong – leading to overcharging and wrongful arrest. Other times, legal errors can weaken the case against you, allowing the entire case to be dismissed, dropped, or drastically reduced. So, no matter the charge, do not unquestioningly accept a conviction because you think the…

Accounting Mistake or Embezzlement?

The Fine Line Between Accounting Mistake & Embezzlement in Texas

Published: Nov 15, 2023 in Criminal Defense, Federal Crimes, Theft Crimes

No one goes to work thinking they’ll be accused of embezzlement. However, charges related to embezzling funds happen constantly, even though they frequently stem from mere misunderstandings or internal company disputes. Embezzlement charges usually come as a shock to the accused. Many people are quick to defend themselves and explain the matter. However, this could easily worsen a situation, even if it was an honest accounting error. In such crucial moments, an experienced embezzlement lawyer like Houston’s Ned Barnett becomes indispensable. With over 30 years of experience, Ned Barnett provides…

10 Ways a Criminal Record Hurts Your Future & How a Right Lawyer Can Help

Published: Oct 28, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Living with a criminal conviction in Texas extends beyond your sentence. Even if you avoid time in custody and deal with charges through probation, house arrest, or a suspended sentence, the ripple effect of a conviction on your record will influence multiple facets of your life, casting a shadow over your entire future. No matter the offense or seemingly favorable plea offer in exchange for pleading guilty, you need to think long-term and consider what a lasting conviction means. When in doubt, consult an experienced criminal lawyer in your area…