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Was Your Autistic or Special Needs Child Arrested in Houston?

Published: Apr 08, 2022 in Criminal Defense, Juvenile Crimes, Student Crimes

Going through the juvenile justice system is challenging enough. It can be especially traumatic if you don’t understand what’s going on or why. A child with special needs or someone on the autism spectrum is, particularly at a disadvantage. For example, an individual could commit a delinquent act without realizing it, or others misunderstand their actions. Because of their reactions to their surroundings, others may think they’re dangerous, mentally ill, or using drugs. No parent wants a call from a police department, but if the child has special needs, it…

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Should a Defendant Testify at Trial?

Published: Jan 22, 2022 in Criminal Defense

When your case goes to trial, you may think you’ll be expected to testify before the court. However, this is rarely the case. Taking the stand in your defense can often do more harm than good, but it may be the best available option depending on your circumstances. Is Testifying a Bad Idea? Choosing to testify is entirely up to you. The judge or jury shouldn’t hold the fact you’re not testifying against you. In fact, criminal defense attorneys usually don’t want their clients giving testimony for many reasons. You…

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Pretrial Motions to Help or Dismiss Your Case

Published: Nov 08, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Pretrial motions and other court filings can significantly impact a case. These procedural steps are often how defense attorneys build your defense and attack the case against you. Successful motions may make a conviction practically impossible or chip away at the evidence enough that the prosecution wants to negotiate to resolve your case. What is a Pretrial Motion? Both sides can make pretrial motions following your arraignment. They can be written or verbal. These are official requests for a judge’s action on an issue about your case. Pretrial motions are…

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Appearing in Harris County Court: What to Expect?

Published: Sep 16, 2021 in Criminal Defense

The only people who want to go to court are attorneys. For most, it’s a hassle to deal with parking, bureaucracy, and procedure. But if you’re facing charges, helping a loved one, or looking to get a vital outcome, going to court can be intimidating. First off, going through the Harris County Court experienced defense attorney who knows the local system. However, here are a few other things to know if you’re going to court in Houston, Texas. Harrison County Court: Where to Go If you were arrested and told…

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5 Signs You Need a New Criminal Defense Attorney

Published: Aug 11, 2021 in Criminal Defense

You did the right thing by hiring a criminal defense attorney instead of trying to go it alone, but you may have chosen the wrong person for the job. With so much at stake, there’s little room for error by an attorney. Here are some of the things to look out for and when to make a change in your legal representation. 1. They Make Big Decisions Without You Generally, attorneys should make well-measured, tactical decisions that help your strategy. You should be the one making the important calls that…