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When Houston Teens are Charged with Sex Crimes

Published: Apr 16, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Everyone knows that teenagers don’t always understand the consequences of their actions. The need to no longer be treated as a child, the desire for attention, the pull of strong emotions that overcome self-control, and the constant pressure of their peers can push teens and young adults to make irresponsible decisions. Unfortunately, these stupid things often end up being illegal. For example, what may seem like a harmless prank may actually be prosecuted as a teen sex crime. Although Texas has a separate criminal justice system for juveniles, there is…


What to Expect If You’re Involved in a Massage Parlor Arrest in Houston

Published: Apr 09, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

If you get swept up in a massage parlor arrest, you can expect to get charged with soliciting prostitution. This holds true even if you did not engage in any sexual activity. Under the solicitation laws of Texas, simply agreeing to exchange money for sex constitutes a criminal act. There are harsh penalties for a prostitution or solicitation conviction. What can be even worse, however, are the collateral consequences being found guilty of these offenses. Such convictions can do serious damage to your career and reputation. The authorities pride themselves…


Can Prior Employers Disclose Sex Abuse Allegations in Texas?

Published: Apr 02, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

If you were accused of sexual misconduct at your former workplace, your former employer is not prohibited from sharing this information when people call them for references about you. It’s important to note, however, that your former employer will likely not disclose sex abuse allegations against you. This is because they fear they will be sued for defamation if they share negative information about former employees. This is good news if you have been targeted with false accusations of sexual misconduct at a place of employment. On the other hand,…


Which Sex Crimes Convictions Lead to the Sex Offender Registry?

Published: Mar 29, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

If you get convicted of certain sex crimes in Texas, you will need to register as a sex offender. The sex offender registry includes the photo, name, address, place of employment, vehicle registration information, online identifiers, and the conviction information of around 90,000 Texans. Your information will be made public for your neighbors, friends, and employers to see. For this reason, it’s essential that you fight your sex crime charges before a conviction occurs. At The Law Offices of Ned Barnett, we are ready to fight on your behalf. Whether…


New Texas Bill May Make Stealing Packages a Felony

Published: Mar 22, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Theft Crimes

Thanks to the internet, hundreds of thousands of packages are delivered quickly and inexpensively every day to people across the country. To make deliveries on time, many carriers don’t even ring your doorbell, let alone wait for a signature – they simply leave the package and move on to the next delivery. Many of these packages are delivered during business hours when people are at work. As a result, there has been a noticeable rise in “porch piracy, ” which is stealing packages left on porches, front steps, and driveways….