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Criminal Defense

Texas Theft Arrests and Job Applications

Published: Oct 10, 2016 in Criminal Defense

When you apply for a new job, the potential of something new is exciting. However, enduring a series of interviews can be tough. If you have been arrested or convicted of theft, you may be nervous about whether you should be up front about what may show up on a background check. The requirement to disclose a conviction can depend on the application. However, both arrests and a convictions may be revealed on a background check. If you’re job hunting and unsure of how to handle a Texas theft arrest,…

Deaths in Law Enforcement Custody in Texas

Published: Oct 03, 2016 in Criminal Defense

Recently, the news media has been more willing than ever before to shine a light on the injustices committed while people are in police custody. People who are detained in police vehicles, jails, and prisons are often offered substandard care to the point that their lives are put in danger. Issues during police custody range from a lack of necessary hygiene products and clothing to the unexplained deaths of arrestees and inmates. Moving beyond temporary news stories, the Texas Justice Initiative has created a searchable online database of all deaths…

Can I Be Forced to Leave My Home Because of a Sex Offense?

Published: Sep 26, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

You may be forced to move away from home if you have to register as a sex offender in Texas. Whether or not you have to move depends on the conditions of your parole and where you live. The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program does not have residency limitations itself. However, Texas parole laws and many local communities do. A large number of Texas counties or cities have created “child safety zones” where individuals who are required to register as sex offenders cannot live. If you live in one of…

Activists Call for Texas Marijuana Reform

Published: Sep 19, 2016 in Criminal Defense

Multiple states have approved medicinal marijuana use in recent years, and a few states allow recreational use as well. Outside of legalizing all or some use of the drug, many activists are pushing for lighter criminal punishments for growing, possessing, and even selling marijuana. The question becomes – Will Texas expand medical marijuana options for patients and ease criminal penalties related to the drug? Activists are working with legislators to do just that the next session beginning in January 2017. Until Texas marijuana reform occurs, if it does, the drug…

Texas “Junk Science” Law May Clear Some Defendants

Published: Sep 12, 2016 in Criminal Defense

Many criminal trials are based on some type of scientific evidence, but what happens when that science is later debunked? Scientific theories and conclusions are constantly changing. Texas legislators had this situation in mind when they drafted and approved SB 344 in 2013, known as the Texas Junk Science Law. Texas SB 344 allows people currently imprisoned in Texas to challenge their convictions if they were based on “junk science.” If you were charged with a crime and evidence against you is questionable, contact Houston criminal defense attorney Ned Barnett…