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CPS Removals in Harris County: How to Get Your Child Home

Published: May 22, 2020 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes Involving Children

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) is tasked with monitoring the safety and welfare of children throughout the state and protecting parents’ rights. This often means investigating allegations of abuse and neglect and working with parents to provide safe environments. Unfortunately, TDFPS is not infallible and CPS investigations can go too far. Children are sometimes unlawfully removed from safe homes. This can mean having to prove your qualifications as a parent, and an experienced lawyer can often be the difference in getting your child home as soon…

Houston Child Porn Charges: How People Get Caught

Published: May 08, 2020 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense, Federal Crimes, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Child pornography investigations in Harris County often involve a combination of federal, state, and local law enforcement. The involvement of several agencies happens because of the seriousness of the charges, and because child pornography rings often cross state lines and even international borders. For instance, a 2013 international child pornography investigation known as Project Spade resulted in the arrest of over 350 people in 50 countries. Nowadays, Hoston police rely more and more on technology in child porn investigations – particularly file-sharing networks. If you are accused of possessing or…

5 Ways a Criminal Record Hurts Your Future

Published: Feb 10, 2020 in Criminal Defense

When you get convicted of a crime, it becomes public record. Anyone who runs a background check will see your entire criminal history – from a small misdemeanor for marijuana to a serious felony. Because background checks are so important to everyone from potential employers, loan providers, and rental organizations any type of criminal past creates substantial barriers. This makes the collateral effect on your life one of the most important reasons to fight a criminal charge. To avoid a criminal record you need to fight the charges. Learn how…

Indecent Exposure and Public Lewdness: Know the Difference

Published: Feb 04, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The Texas Penal Code prohibits sexual conduct that is damaging to the well-being of society. This includes indecent exposure and public lewdness. As the name implies, indecent exposure involves exposing your genitals or anus in public with the intent to arouse or gratify. Public lewdness, however, is explicitly sexual conduct in public. Therefore, the penalties for public lewdness are harsher than for indecent exposure. For instance, if you get caught masturbating in public, you can be charged with indecent exposure. On the other hand, if you get caught having sex…

police misconduct in houston drug raids

Police Misconduct in Houston Drug Raids

Published: Dec 22, 2019 in Criminal Defense

A recent report from the Houston Chronicle has revealed the Houston Police Department’s narcotics division has been trampling the rights of suspects for years. So if you’ve been charged after a Houston drug raid, the best defense strategy may depend on whether the police followed proper investigative and arrest procedures. Police misconduct can cripple the prosecution’s case, but it usually takes an experienced criminal defense lawyer to raise this issues effectively. Many people who get arrested, even after a police error, end up incriminating themselves before they decide to call…