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Child Sex Crimes

Proving Child Porn was Accidentally Downloaded

Proving Child Porn was Accidentally Downloaded

Published: Jul 13, 2023 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense

When child pornography is found on your computer in Texas, law enforcement will likely charge you with possession of child porn whether or not you intended to download it. While this may cause panic, know that you can take steps to avoid conviction and preserve your reputation and future. If you’ve been charged with possession of child porn, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. One option to combat the accusations is to prove that the illicit materials were accidentally downloaded. Houston criminal defense attorney Ned…

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Understanding the Different Internet Sex Crimes in TX

Published: Feb 27, 2023 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Sex offenses carry some of the harshest criminal penalties in Texas. And as the internet continues to grow, so do new opportunities for certain criminal offenses, including sex crimes. This makes investigating internet sex crimes a focal point for law enforcement. However, the laws and sex crime offenses themselves can be confusing. Here is a guide to help you differentiate the different types of internet sex offenses and why someone can expect if accused. Cyberstalking Texas’ Electronic Communications Act of 2001 considers cyberstalking a criminal offense under Texas law. Cyberstalking…

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The Difference Between Viewing and Possessing Child Porn

Published: Oct 24, 2022 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Did you know there is a difference between viewing and possessing child porn in Texas? Generally speaking, possessing child pornography is always illegal, whereas simply viewing it is not necessarily illegal. What’s more important, however, is the issue of whether your alleged viewing or possessing was knowing and intentional. For example, unknowingly possessing child pornography is not illegal. If you borrow a friend’s computer and unbeknownst to you it contains child porn, you have not engaged in a crime. If you or a loved one are facing child pornography charges…

Man reaching for phone while using laptop

Can You Be Charged With Online Solicitation if You Never Met?

Published: Jun 08, 2021 in Child Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Online solicitation charges have become increasingly common in Houston recently. But this isn’t necessarily because more and more Texans are engaging in these crimes. Many of these people have never even met the people they were accused of soliciting online. But just because you never met doesn’t mean you can’t be charged. Internet stings have made it possible for police to arrest pedophiles and others engaging in online solicitation of a minor. But it has also led to many wrongful arrests. Online Solicitation & Internet Stings Many online solicitation charges…

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What Is Sexual Assault of a Child in Texas?

Published: May 08, 2021 in Child Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Texas takes a tough stance on sex crimes. And it takes sex crimes that involve children even more seriously. Many people who find themselves charged with this offense lose hope. They think there is no way to fight back – much less get it dropped. But there may be a way to avoid prison and fines. Fighting your charge with the help of an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer could be your way out. Understanding Sexual Assault of a Child Charges Getting charged with a sex crime is disorienting. But…