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Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault Charges in Schools

Published: Apr 30, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Instances of sexual assault are painfully frequent in our schools. Many instances of school sexual assaults involve rape, but other cases involve consensual sexual acts that are qualified as illegal because of the age difference between the participants. When a school employee has any sexual contact with a minor student, it is generally considered sexual assault. Another form of sexual assault that affects schools is hazing. Often, this involves aggressive sexual acts not consented to by all parties. If you’re being accused of committing school sexual assault, call a Houston…

Parents Accused of Sexual Assault of a Child

Published: Apr 26, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Every parent’s nightmare is having something bad happen to their child. For a mother or father, something even worse is being accused of causing that harm. Cases of parents being accused of sexual assault of a child are rare. But when such cases arise, they usually are difficult to resolve at both the legal and emotional levels. If you promptly hire an experienced Houston sexual assault lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned Barnett, it may be possible to investigate the allegations and collect the evidence necessary to clear your…

Elements of a Prostitution Conviction in Texas

Published: Apr 24, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Prostitution is a serious crime in Texas. The offense may be committed in several ways, depending on whether you are the suspected client, prostitute, or pimp. Regardless of the specific charge you are targeted with, you face a tarnished reputation and significant penalties if convicted. When attempting to convict an individual of prostitution in Texas, prosecutors must carefully build their cases, because any hole in the prosecution’s case may be exploited by a skilled prostitution lawyer. If you’re facing prostitution charges in Texas, contact a Houston criminal defense attorney at…

Selfies & Child Pornography

Published: Apr 19, 2018 in Sex Crimes

Just about everyone takes selfies these days. In some cases, however, taking, sending, and storing selfies could result in criminal penalties – even child pornography charges. For example, if you are 17 years old or younger, you are not allowed to send any sexually explicit images of yourself to anyone over two years older than you, and with whom you do not have a dating relationship. And no matter what your age may be, it is illegal to intentionally and knowingly possess any explicit images of children under the age…

Backpage Seized by DOJ After Sex Trafficking Law Passes

Published: Apr 13, 2018 in Sex Crimes

On April 6, 2018, federal authorities shut down, a website that had grown notorious in recent years for hosting online ads for sexual services. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided the homes of the site’s founders, and a grand jury indicted seven Backpage employees with 93 criminal counts, including charges of facilitating prostitution and money laundering. Last year, removed its adult section, but sex workers simply moved their ads to the site’s personals section. Some of the sex workers whose services were offered on the site were…