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Are You a “High Risk” Sex Offender?

Published: Feb 14, 2020 in Child Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Under Texas sex offender registration law, if you are labeled as a sex offender or released after January 1, 2000, you will be evaluated and assigned a risk level. The Risk Assessment Review Committee establishes the guidelines. Then, the court, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or the Texas Youth Commission, will use this to determine your risk level.

The process may describe you as a high-risk sex offender. This means there are signs that you are likely to continue unlawful sexual behavior. As you may suspect, this will have a significant impact on your future.

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Texas Sex Offender Risk Levels

Texas’ risk levels indicate the odds you will re-offend once you return to the community.

The levels for sex offeners are:

  • (Low Risk) Level 1 – Low threat to the community, unlikely to engage in criminal sexual conduct.
  • (Moderate Risk) Level 2 – Moderate danger to the community, who may engage in criminal sexual conduct.
  • (High Risk) Level 3 – Serious threat to the community, likely to engage in criminal sexual conduct.

Are My Neighbors Notified?

High-risk sex offenders are usually subject to community notification. As a result, when you move to a new place and register, your neighbors will receive a notification that a high-risk sex offender has moved into the area.

Local law enforcement may also post public notices in the newspaper for high-risk sex offenders. In addition, if your sexual offense involved a minor, local schools will be notified.

Can I Ever De-Register

Texas allows some sex offenders to apply for de-registration after a period of reoffending.

If you are eligible, you can apply for sex offender deregistration. However, the next step is a risk assessment. You will also be responsible for the cost involved.

A prior high-risk classification is usually hard to reverse. Therefore, this can prevent you from lifting the mandatory registration.

Additional Consequences for High Risk Offenders

The stigma attached to a high-risk classification will damage every aspect of your life.

As a result, it will be hard to find a job, get accepted into a school or graduate program, obtain loans, and find rental housing. As a result, it can be almost impossible to establish yourself in a community and move on with your life.

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