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How to Improve Your Situation in a Texas Sex Crimes Case

Published: Nov 06, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Sex crime cases are some of the most contested, difficult, and emotional legal procedures you can go through. Short of murder, few cases involve such high stakes. Coming out of the other side with your freedom and dignity intact requires more than just luck. For one, you need excellent legal representation. But perhaps even more importantly, you need to be an active and disciplined element of your defense. Simply put, even the best team of lawyers cannot win your case if you don’t participate in your defense.

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Do Not Talk to Potential Witnesses

Some of the strongest evidence that a prosecutor can use in a criminal case are the suspect’s own statements and actions. You may not be able to change what you said or did in the past. You do, however, have control over the present and the future. No matter where you think your case is heading, you can greatly improve your odds if you immediately refrain from speaking with potential witnesses.

The key point to remember is how easy it is for a prosecutor to reframe your words and actions in a bad way. Your most well-intentioned comments could easily be used against you. Imagine you face accusations of sexually assaulting someone, and the alleged victim or one of their family members confronts you. You know you’re innocent, but you want to recognize the pain they’re experiencing. At one point, you tell them, “I’m sorry for what you’ve been put through.”

This statement may sound innocent enough, but a prosecutor can probably get this declaration introduced as evidence, and the jury could potentially view it as an admission of guilt. It’s impossible to know exactly how your words can be construed, so the best way to make it through sex crime cases is to avoid all contact with potential witnesses.

Proactive Steps to Give Your Case the Best Chances

While it’s important to remember what not to do in a sex crime case, there are several proactive steps that you can take to improve your chances of an acquittal or a lenient sentence:

Remain Involved

Don’t just lay back and expect your lawyers to win your case for you. If they ask you to do something, do it. Go to meetings prepared and take notes. Your defense team will work better if you are open to learning a little about the law and its procedures. You will be able to understand, and even participate, in the formulation of the trial strategy. If there is a plea offer from the prosecution, you will be able to better determine if it’s a good idea to accept or not.

Make a List of Witnesses

You need to write down the names, background, and contact information of anyone who might be able to testify in your case. This includes people who might testify either for you or the alleged victim. Your lawyer needs to be able to show the credibility of your witnesses, and needs time to find ways of challenging the credibility of the alleged victim’s witnesses.

Bolster your Credibility

No matter how dark your past may be, it’s never too late to begin taking steps to rehabilitate your reputation. If you have substance abuse issues, now is the time to enroll in a program. Get engaged in your community. Don’t associate with questionable people, and keep your social media pages looking respectable. Cases often are decided on the jury or judge’s perception of who is the more credible and likable person.

Criminal cases are rarely won by lawyers working without the assistance of their client. You need to view yourself as an integral part of your defense team, and focus on the end goal of proving your innocence as soon as you learn of the charges against you.

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