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How Long Will I Be on the Sex Offender Registry After a Sex Conviction?

Published: Jan 23, 2017 in Sex Crimes

Anyone who has browsed the internet knows that you can find sex offenders’ personal information through a simple Google search. While this can be embarrassing, the worries of a sex offender do not end there. For someone who has been convicted of a sex-related crime, the punishment extends far beyond their time spent behind bars. In most cases, registered sex offenders are denied employment and housing opportunities, even if they received counseling and have been labeled as a non-threat. This is even true when the offense does not involve sexual contact of any kind. Fortunately, the sex offender registry period is not always permanent, and there are even ways to wipe your record clean.

As a Houston sex crimes lawyer, Ned Barnett has years of experience in helping individuals through the deregistration process. He can guide you through the proper procedures, ensuring you present everything required to get your criminal record thrown out, so you can move on with your life after the sex offender registry.

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Time Periods

In most cases, the amount of time that must be spent as a registered sex offender depends on the crime that was committed. According to Texas law, the minimum registration period for a convicted sex offender is 10 years. However, this is only if the crime was considered minor. Attempted rape or sexual harassment might fall under this category. If the crime was more serious, a person may have to remain on the sex offender registry for life.

Deregistering as a Sex Offender

In the past, sex offenders were unable to deregister. Recently, however, a number of laws have been passed that allow sex offenders to put their criminal history behind them and move on with their lives. The first and far less well-known law is the Romeo and Juliet statute. This law states that a person may deregister as a sex offender after two years if the perpetrator was under the age of 21 and the victim was at least 15 years old. This law is typically applied in cases of statutory rape, where the intercourse was consensual but one of the participants was under a certain age.

The only other method for deregistering as a sex offender in the state of Texas is through a specific legal procedure. This involves a person who was convicted of any type of sexual crime as a minor. In order to qualify for this deregistration route, the following requirements must be met:

  • The offender must have only committed one offense in their past
  • The offense must require a longer registration period in Texas than is required under federal law
  • The offender must have successfully completed a treatment program

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Whether you were convicted of a sex offense as a minor or as an adult, the consequences of a sex crime can be harsh. If you were convicted of a sexual crime and served your particular sentence, you may feel as if you are being treated unfairly. After all, you paid your debt to society. You should not have to live the rest of your life as an outcast.

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