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Break Down of the Bill Cosby Mistrial

Published: Jul 07, 2017 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial has ended in a hung jury. You may find this surprising since the weight of the evidence–or at least public opinion–largely pointed to Cosby’s guilt. But in criminal trials, judges instruct the members of…

What Is Digital Child Pornography?

Published: Jun 30, 2017 in Sex Crimes

In the digital age in which we live, the Internet has become the common vehicle through which child pornography is distributed, and viewed. Law enforcement agencies around the world as well as throughout the United States and in the…

Defenses Against Sexual Assault Charges

Published: Jun 23, 2017 in Sex Crimes

Under Texas law, the crime of sexual assault is prosecuted vigorously and the punishments imposed upon a conviction are severe. In fact, a single conviction on this charge can result in many years of incarceration, as well as thousands…