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Sex Crimes

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Houston Sex Crimes Arrests Are on the Rise

Published: Jun 22, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The number of sex crimes reported, and the number of arrests related to these crimes, have been increasing in Houston since the beginning of 2018. Being accused of any crime, especially on every aspect of your life. A dedicated sexual assault lawyer can help you avoid the fear and mistrust these allegations can cause. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, an experienced Houston sexual assault lawyer from The Law Offices of Ned Barnett can ensure that you are informed and protected throughout the legal process. For more information…

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Popular TV Host Nev Schulman Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Published: Jun 15, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Ayissha Morgan, a guest on MTV’s “Catfish,” recently accused the show’s host and executive producer Nev Schulman of sexual misconduct. On the program, Schulman entertains audiences by trying to determine if people using dating apps are actually who they claim to be. Morgan alleges that during her time on the show, Schulman harassed her and attempted to coerce her to have sex with him. Morgan also claims that a production assistant sexually assaulted her. Schulman denies the allegations, but MTV has opened an investigation and put the production of “Catfish”…

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What Happens to Registered Sex Offenders Who Are Charged with Subsequent Sex Crimes?

Published: Jun 08, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The rate of sex crime arrests has been increasing in Houston since the beginning of 2018. The accusation, and potential conviction, of a sex crime can have a devastating impact on your life. The penalties associated with sex offenses are severe. These consequences become more severe, however, if you are charged with subsequent sex crimes. If you are convicted of multiple sexual offenses, you face several negative outcomes, including increased prison time and higher fines. Being convicted of a subsequent sex crime could even affect whether or not you are…

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What’s the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Harassment?

Published: May 18, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The difference between sexual assault and harassment may not always be clear. Both actions are types of sexual misconduct, and both are illegal. The primary difference between the two is that sexual harassment is a civil matter, with claims generally arising out of employment-related disputes. Sexual assault, on the other hand, is a criminal offense. If charged, you should immediately seek the assistance of a Houston sexual assault lawyer. If you’re facing charges of sexual assault, contact The Law Offices of Ned Barnett today at (713) 222-6767 to schedule a…

Dismissing Solicitation of Prostitution Charges in Houston is Getting Harder

Published: May 04, 2018 in Sex Crimes

In Harris County, there’s been a 200 percent increase since 2014 in the arrests of prostitution clients, also known as “johns.” Last year, the Harris County Sheriff’s office arrested over 300 men who allegedly solicited prostitutes. In the City of Houston, police arrested 178 people. In almost 70 percent of these cases, the suspects’ solicitation lawyers were able to obtain the dismissal of their criminal charges. One of the most popular strategies for obtaining a dismissal in a solicitation case is to enroll the defendant in a pre-trial diversion program….