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Sex Crimes

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Are You a “High Risk” Sex Offender?

Published: Feb 14, 2020 in Child Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Under Texas sex offender registration law, if you are labeled as a sex offender or released after January 1, 2000, you will be evaluated and assigned a risk level. The Risk Assessment Review Committee establishes the guidelines. Then, the court, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or the Texas Youth Commission, will use this to determine your risk level. The process may describe you as a high-risk sex offender. This means there are signs that you are likely to continue unlawful sexual behavior. As you may suspect, this will have a…

Indecent Exposure and Public Lewdness: Know the Difference

Published: Feb 04, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The Texas Penal Code prohibits sexual conduct that is damaging to the well-being of society. This includes indecent exposure and public lewdness. As the name implies, indecent exposure involves exposing your genitals or anus in public with the intent to arouse or gratify. Public lewdness, however, is explicitly sexual conduct in public. Therefore, the penalties for public lewdness are harsher than for indecent exposure. For instance, if you get caught masturbating in public, you can be charged with indecent exposure. On the other hand, if you get caught having sex…

Have You Been Accused of an Improper Teacher - Student Relationship?

Have You Been Accused of an Improper Teacher-Student Relationship?

Published: Jan 27, 2020 in Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Teaching is challenging and forming personal relationships with students may be the most effective way to make a difference. But as a teacher, you should always be aware of the boundaries between you and your students. If you are ever accused of violating those boundaries and forming an inappropriate relationship with a student in Harris County, you need to speak with Houston sex crimes lawyer Ned Barnett immediately. There is a lot an experienced defense lawyer can do, but early intervention is critical. Contact The Law Offices of Ned Barnett…

Defining Aggravating Sexual Assault in Texas

Defining Aggravating Sexual Assault in Texas

Published: Jan 20, 2020 in Sex Crimes

Many states use similar terms to describe sex offenses. However, the definitions for these terms can vary wildly. Sexual assault in Texas is not the same conduct as sexual assault in Illinois or Maryland. If someone has accused you or a loved one of sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault in Texas, you need to know how these offenses are defined and what a prosecutor must prove to secure a conviction. Talk with Houston sex crimes attorney Ned Barnett about how Texas defines aggravated sexual assault. Call The Law Offices…

How Age is Determined in Child Porn Cases

How Age is Determined in Child Porn Cases

Published: Jan 09, 2020 in Sex Crimes, Sex Crimes Involving Children

Whether or not you are convicted of intentionally creating, viewing, storing, or distributing child pornography in Texas might rest on whether you believed the person or people depicted in the materials were minors. At The Law Offices of Ned Barnett, we have helped many people who viewed pornography they reasonably believed only depicted adults. We know how law enforcement agencies and prosecutors determine age in child porn cases and how to fight back against flawed and unreliable evidence. Contact The Law Offices of Ned Barnett at (713) 222-6767 or online…